Business Legal Advisory

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Legal Assistance in Business Establishment

In assisting to establish Your business in the Republic of Uzbekistan we have an opportunity, along with our business partners, to render you a complex of below-mentioned services:

  • Overview of legal framework of the prospective activity and market, search of business partners;
  • Assistance in establishing and formalizing partnership relations, developing business plans and legal mechanisms of their realization, providing with the information concerning licensing of prospective activity;
  • Consulting on legal issues and related maters in structuring a more profitable business activity in the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Consulting on issues of an optimum legal environment structuring in undertaking your business in Uzbekistan;
  • Assistance in establishing representative offices of Your company (accreditation) as well as other legal entities (corporation) in forms of joint stock company, limited liability company, private company, joint venture, enterprises with foreign investments, subsidiary company within the Uzbekistan jurisdiction;
  • Consulting on structuring of the most optimum taxation scheme for your business in Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Preparation of documents on labor issues, as well as legal assistance in search and selection of qualified personnel for your business;
  • Developing all sorts of internal documents (local regulations, job instructions, rules, collective agreements, employment agreements, etc.);
  • Assistance in preparing required list of documents for obtaining corresponding licenses and permissions for Your business;
  • Preparation of template business contracts meeting all sorts of requirements to its conclusion.