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State Customs Committee adopted a resolution (Ministry of Justice № 391-1, dated 2.02.2015) amending the Instructions on procedure of filling the customs price declaration.

The Instructions are supplemented by a norm, which stipulates that while submitting online cargo customs declaration (CCD), price customs declaration (PCD) shall also be submitted online by the way of entering the relevant information into automated information system of electronic declaration of goods with a certified electronic key of a customs clearance specialist.

Note that customs price declaration is an annex to the relevant CCD, and is only valid if submitted together with the CCD.

When submitting the online PCD, other supporting documents shall also be submitted online according to formats and order stipulated by the Customs Committee.

If the format of the respective document is not stipulated, such is document shall be scanned and submitted to the relevant authority.   The Resolution stipulates that any amendment to the CCD has to be certified both by the customs clearance specialist’s signature and by submitting the relevant amendments into the electronic CCD.

When submitting the CCD online, information into “for official use” shall be certified by the electronic key of the respective inspector in charge.

The Resolution amending the Instructions has entered into force from the date of its official publishing in “Collection of legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan on 9.02.2015.