Business Legal Advisory

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Legal Assistance to Support Your Business

To conduct Your business in strict compliance with the legislation requirements of the Republic of Uzbekistan we render a complex of below-mentioned services on legal compliance of your organization’s activity:

  • review and inspect internal documents of your organization in order to determine their compliance to the requirements of the legislation, and when their compliance to their current legislation of Republic Uzbekistan is established signing such documents, assisting in preparing and proper formalizing of the specified documents;
  • participating in the process of structuring and concluding of a various sorts of contracts and agreements, and when their compliance is determined to their current legislation to sign such contracts and when required write and attach separate legal report supporting such a compliance;
  • assisting in organizing of the proper control over execution of contracts, undertaking due supervision over applying stipulated by the legislation and the contract of sanctions with regard to contractors violating contractual obligations;
  • organizing and undertaking claim /compliant procedures on the materials prepared by accounting department, rendering methodical assistance in this work if it is conducted by other divisions;
  • participating in consideration of issues of receivable and payable debts and taking together with other divisions of a measure to liquidation of these debts, without participation in court litigations;
  • assisting in organizing and performing control over proper delivery and acceptance of products and the goods by quantity and quality, preparing legal report on legitimacy of writing-off of material assets;
  • providing legal representation, when necessary and in due order, interests in other organizations and authorities (except in courts) regarding legal issues;
  • analyzing judicial practices and practices of other authorities as well as internal practices of your organization and together with other divisions of your organization as a result of such analysis submitting to the management suggestions on elimination of disclosed lacks and violations;
  • render consultations, issue conclusions on the various legal issues arising in the activity of you company, rendering necessary assistance in due and proper resolution of suggestions, petitions and complaints of citizens;
  • preparing materials on thefts, embezzlement and shortage of assets and about other offences for transfer to investigatory, judicial bodies;
  • organizing preparation and participation in carrying out of general assemblies of the shareholders, sessions of other managing bodies, including preparation of necessary documents;
  • informing on changes in the legislation.